Why does it hurt so much?

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Whenever I insert a tampon, it hurts. Not at the begining when you put it in, but when you push the applicator small bit. Is there a way to make it hurt even a little bit less? It stops hurting when I take the applicator out, but it is still a bit soar.Also, the stalls at my school are tiny. How do I squat if I am wearing a skirt or pants? Which is better? I am able to do it on the seat, but it’s gross because you are almost touching the inside of the toilet!
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Use a teen size. It’s small. And you can always put one leg on the toliet and insert it that way. It might be the way your trying to squat that is causing the discomfort.
It sounds like you aren’t relaxed enough when you are inserting the tampon. Don’t tense up, and make sure you are using the correct size and absorbancey. You may also just want to try a different brand.
Maybe you should not use a tampon!
How old are you?
I would suggest going for the size down of the tampon. If you are using super try regular.
Maybe it would be a good idea to wear pads during the school day and try tampons at home or on weekends when you have more time, space and privacy to work with at least until you’re more comfortable.
because when you are younger your hole is only so small so it hurts but as you get bigger your hole will get bigger
There is nothing wrong with wearing a pad. All of them are not made so big that you have to be conscious about it.Tampons are dangerous. If it hurts don’t do it. Why make yourself miserable?
use somerhin different like pad.
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