missed 2 Periods but have had 4 or 5 negative HPTs?

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I have had irregular periods on and off in my life but for almost this whole past year, my period came right around the same time. Now, the last period I had was on july 29th, I have had no spotting, or any signs of a period since then…until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, i began to get what feels like period cramping, which i usually get the same day my period comes. The cramping is on and off everyday, still no period! within the past few days to a week my nipples/breast have gotten really sore, which never happens to me, even when i get my period. The doc wants to give me progesterone so i will get my period, but if somehow I am pregnant and the test doesnt show, cant i have a misscarraige or something bad?
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It would be okay: progesterone is used to prevent miscarriage. I found you a little article that explains why: http://www.intimate-balance.com/1miscarriage.htmlIf you’re in your very late teens to early twenties, the tenderness and heightened irregularity may be a reaction to your body changing its chemistry again. It commonly happens to women with irregular periods around those times, and on the bright side, it’s often accompanied with stronger orgasms and higher sex drive. Irregularity and risk for cancer go hand in hand, so take the hormone for now, and if your period comes, you can ask him for help getting regular. I took progesterone once and it only took about three days to work.
Better visit your doctor right away again..The earlier the better before it get worse.Follow the doctors prescription…they know about that.
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