can perimenpause or menopause make you feel worn out and jittery sometimes like having the chills from flu?

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i have these symptoms only when on period. I’m at the age of perimenopause my periods are getting lighter.
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Ah, yes the joys of being a woman. My whole system is changing. Light periods, no periods SURPRISE!!!! You can feel weak one minute and like the Energizer Bunny the next. Since I have generally always been an Energizer Bunny, it can be totally frustrating. And the hot flashes…I prefer to call them power surges, I am going to wear out all my clothes and my washer and dryer. There is a website called, which I have found helpful, and I have also purchased several books by Dr. Christine Northrup. Her work and writtings are excellent. You can do a search on Google and find a lot of her information. There is actually a hometest for perimenopause now that you can purchase in the feminine products section, or sometimes the birthcontrol section (rather ironic…) of Walmart or a drug store. I am not suggesting this in place of a doctors appointment, but it will give you a bit more information, for your own piece of mind. The jittery feeling will generally work its way into full blown anxiety attacks, which are no fun. I was fairly well educated a few years before it started happening to me from older friends who were going through it and a sister in law who happens to be a nurse with a doctorate in nursing and she was struggling with the hot flashes so extreme that she would be in the middle of an important medical conference and be soaking through her clothing like she had gone for a swim fully clothed. I started taking Estrovin a few years ago (herbal) I have found that the alternative therapies work the best for me, and I have had to add in a few additional herbs lately, in order to combat the additional power surges and anxiety attacks…the first one caught me off guard I thought I was having a heart attack and then I thought….ohh, this is an anxiety attack. I am exercising more, trying to eat better and just generally trying to be as aware as I can be. I have great days and not so great, but I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and know it will get better. My best advice to you is to learn to dress in layers, carry changes of clothes with you, in case you have a big power surge and just know that this is just another step in womanhood. I did get warned to really insist on birth control, because you can be really furtile at this time also… Best of luck, you will survive and at least we live in modern times because less than 100 years ago, women going through “the change” would be thought to be crazy and many were thrown in institutions. Theres a scary thought. These are much better, more educated times. Have a good night and good luck! My wife says it does.
Yes, that is just one of the little goodies that comes with perimenopause. I also suffered from severe night sweats, hot flashes and insomnia. It was not unusual to see me out on the front porch in 30 below weather just cooling off. I have found an alternative product that has eliminated all of my symptoms, I feel 10 years younger! If you are interested, I would be happy to save you a great deal of grief!
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