Does ne1 know how 2 loose 20lbs b4 the end of July? Im 5’1 &121lbs. My doc says i’ll still be healthy if I do.

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I always have trouble with motivation. Thats all. I just really want to be healthier by my birthday, kind of like a personal goal, ya’ know?
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I live off salads, diet shakes and cottage cheese. Three pounds a week is the fastest that I can lose weight.If you try to lose weight fast, be prepared to be a total space case.Losing weight fast makes you less healthy because you will get vitamin deficiencies and iron deficient anemia. Losing weight slowly will make you healthy.If you just want to look good for a special day, look into body wraps. probably eat less and do a lot exercise.
You could try nutra sure to exercise too It’s possible but it will be painfull.I mean, not phisically, but probably mentally.a couple of methods Im using now ( 5’11”, 190lbs)1. no meat, it slows down methabolism.and dont get me wrong I LOVE meat, that’s the painfor dinner eat half of what you would normally have to see what works better – putting just half on the plate or having a full meal on the plate and leaving half untouched.2. soups for lunches/ dinners (no noodles of course)boiled veggies with salt and pepper and what u like,to a blender, serve warm or cold. (Im making myself creme of broccoli just now)add shrimp for flavor and decoration if u want.3. fruit for dessert and snacks. dont starve yourself skipping breakfasts and lunches and eating once a day. it will slow down your methabolism.4. If you dont have gym membership (I dont), start walking.I walk 10 blocks a day, to the post office, supermarket, I get off the bus one stop earlier than I have to, and walk home.I did all shopping today, without the car. I have a blister on my left foot now. But my spirits are high :-)no ice cream, no alcohol, no bread.lost 7lbs in 2 weeks. What’s the rush? How long did it take you to get 20 lbs. heavier than you want?Rule of thumb: You can only lose 1 to 1.5 lbs. of fat per week. Any more than that, and you’re losing valuable muscle (think sleek & sexy muscle), or other vital tissues. Crash dieting is dangerous. So, take a little longer to reach your goal, and stay healthy!! Think 3 to 4 months for 20 lbs. instead of 1 month. And I’m 5’2″ at 120, so trust me, you’re not overweight now, so there’s no rush. Take it just a little slower, and appreciate your beauty instead of focusing on flaws.
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