My toes are turning colors!?

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Hi, ev1, I have a problem, my toes on my right foot are turning colors. My left foot is fine. The color starts at the tip of my toes, then travels down my toes, but its just on the bottom of my toes. I went to my doc and he said to go to ER cus it could be a circulation problem. so i did and they laughed at me saying that it was dye, or tar! This could not be i dont got bare footed, and i wear white sandles. i have washed my foot but nothing comes off. the only test the ER did was a sonagram. it was negative for blood clots. i am 23 years old, i am not a dietabic. thank you. any one know what i can do?
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keep them elevated. ??
get a second opionion. this could be a serious problem. Source(s)
go to a different e.r were they actually care and know what their doing. it’s important you get answers and treatment soon so your health is okay.
PVD= Peripheral Vascular Disease. What color are they? Do they look blue or purple?
Sweetie I would go see a specialist that looks into these things. One you probably don’t have a blood clot, but there are other things that cause this. something that is possible is that your heart isn’t pumping enough blood to get to the brain. I don’t want to alarm you on anymore of what it could be, but I would suggest an MRI or a CAT scan.
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