is it okay if i dance in my house naked?

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i need to no if i can if i can im gonna in a minute!
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of course
If you’re by yourself, then of course it is.If there are other humans in the house, then it depends on their comfort levels. You are required to abide by the lowest comfort level.Pets are not factored into either situation unless you’ve been told by PETA that you’re ugly enough to possibly traumatize your pets by doing this.
Dance on!
yes – go for it, but wait until your familys out and close all the curtains because of them peeping toms!
Get jiggy with it! It’s you home and your rules!!!!
if u want to go ahead y ask us these questions if u ewant tp be naked go ahead whos stopping you let that ***** get some air and that *** too
Yes it is ok….Have fun!!!!
Well if you don’t want people to see then make sure the windows are blocked then dance on. If you don’t care go for it I do it all the time.
Yes I love it when my wife walks around in the house a can see the pretty part of her
There is no problem with it as long as there is no one around that it would offend, bother or be inappropriate for them to see. can i watch
Yes, if the shades are down and the neighbors can’t see. Go for it.
do u have french window?if so give me your adress.
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