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Okay so I have this problem, I’m female and I shower everyday, I’m a very clean person, but for some reason I have a vaginal stentch, Is there something I can eat more of or drink more of to make it go away?
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Depends on what kind of a smell it is. It may require antibiotics b/c you may have an infection. Don’t feel bad; it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an STD and it certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t clean. Check this out–!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Q9KzYsPDdaP0I8yizeIN7YI0S_IcFQEAEcBmrg! douche
First of all, your vaginia is supposed to have “scent” to it. what you need to be concerned with is whether or not it is “foul” or normal. Most fishy or “off” smells are caused by infections such as std’s or yeast infections. Go to a gyn and have an examination asap. You can get yeast infections without having’s an imbalance in the bacteria of your cervix/vaginal area. As for diet-definitly cut back on the sugar and sodas. water, fruits, veggies.are just healthier in general for your overall body. It’s basically normal. If you just spray perfume and shower every day, you’ll be fine. You may think that everyone can smell it, but most the time your the only one who can smell it.
I agree with those who say it might be a yeast infection. Easy to get even if you are single. The stats I read said that 75% of American women will get one vaginal yeast infection (vaginitis) in their lifetime.Easy to treat. Yeast loves sugar. The more sugary the body (read as pre-diabetic, or diabetic), the more likely one will get it.Get to your gyno. It could be caused by a bacteria imbalance -too much bad bacteria, and not enough good bacteria. We need the good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria from growing. Bacteria smells as it releases gases.Ask your doctor – you may have a yeast imbalance, but no infection. Yet.
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