can you get pregnant if…?

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i am on birth control pills. my doctor said that my boyfriend can come inside me after the 7th day after i start taking the pills of a new pack. the 7th day my boyfriend and i had sex and he came inside me BEFORE i took my pill. can i get pregnant because of this? i think i started spotting today also…any serious advice will be greatly appreciated! thanks! 😀
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Yes it is possible you can get pregnant if you have had unprotected sex while starting the hormone tablets of the oral contraceptive pill. (It’s actually possible to still get pregnant even if you are well and truly on the OCP because it is not 100% protective – only about 98%)You should wait a little time and then do a home pregnancy test (or see your doctor for a blood pregnancy test). Meanwhile you have to chose whether or not to continue taking the pill tablets. If you do not, then you should abstain from sex (or use a condom). It is unclear about if the hormone tablets will harm a baby in the first few weeks of development (but generally thought not to).
You can get pregnant while on the pill, but it is unlikely. Also, it doesn’t really matter what time of day you take the pill. Just try to make it at the same time every day. This makes it an exact 24 hours, so that there is a consistent level of medicine in your body. It shouldn’t matter when you took the pill as long as you took it that day. And like I said make it be a the same time every day.
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