Why can’t some woman experience a orgasm?

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Being a woman i’ve never understood why but i’m to scared to ask anyone… Please help me understand
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Women may take longer than their partner to reach orgasm. If you are in a relationship with a person who doesnt understand or respect this, you may just not be getting the opportunity to reach orgasm? And (as a mum of 7), I know most women are so busy these days that they simply never (or feel too guilty) to allow themselves the right conditions for really good lovemaking! Get a lock on the door, find out what YOU like, tell your partner what you like and go for it!
Sometimes the woman is unable to relax enough to reach orgasm. It is a loss of control that they do not feel comfortable with. Try to relax. Nothing bad will happen if you give yourself over to the feelings. Good luck.
I think because they haven’t meet me. Thats why.
women need a special touch in order to reach orgasm..orgasm during intercourse is quite rare and orgasm usually happens when the clitoris is stimulated. Try stimulating your clitoris or the entrance of your vagina if you want the big Osometimes, it takes longer to reach orgasm, which may be due to stress or insufficient stimulation. try to relax and think of your fantasies.. it may help.. or you could try exerting more pressure on your clitoris
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