Will a hysterectomy correct a tilted uterus?

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Will a hysterectomy correct a tilted uterus?
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When you have a hysterectomy they take out your uterus. People have hysterectomies when there uterus causes a threat to the woman such as cancer or a life threatening illness involving the uterus. It does not correct tilting because the uterus is taken out all together!
ahhh.. yeahthe Uterus is removed with a hysterectomy so .. essentially there is nothing to tilt
Actually, there are different types of hysterectomy.A full hysterectomy would remove your uterus.Sometimes they only take out what needs to come out.
it removes your uterus
yes because when you get the hysterectomy you won,t have a uterus.Thats what a hysterectomy is a removal of the uterus,and If your overies are bad they will remove them also,but if your overies are healthy they will leave them intact,reason being the doctor will not remove healthy overies becaus that will mean you will have to take hormones because the removal of your overies would throw you into the change of life.Hope this helps
it could but there is nothing wrong with having a tilted uterus. I have one and have 2 children and everything’s fine.
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