if some one pees in side you can you get peragant?

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i just wonted to no about that
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Depends.Did he ejaculate inside of you first. If so, then yes. Nothing in urine is a spermicide.
Yes. You will have smelly urine babies. You should love them, though.
oh man did he actualy pee in you ? maybe you should go see a doctor and you can only get prego if he came in you
You can’t get pregnant from urine
ha ha not to my knowledge, but I would worry about hepititis
Only if he ejaculated right after. You shouldn’t let someone Urine inside of you by any means. Go and get checked.
try once and tell me yar.but i dont think so.
Only if you pee at the same time..
Now that you asked that question, maybe it would help to explain some people existence. LOL.
uh.r u serious??thats a definite no.when a guy pees his sperm tube or whatever closes so that the piss can come out
No, you can only get pregnant if a man ejaculates inside your vagina. Normally during Sex, a man’s body only will allow ejaculate to come out not pee. Check this out. And why did someone pee inside you?
Gross! No, but you can get a serious infection.
Are you sure it was pee? NOOOOOOOO YOU CAN´T!
No, but that’s sick.
no you cannot get pregnat from that
i knew it that guy wasn’t good in bed!! Don’t allow him any more but you can always pass me a line when you feel like.
Well in the first place urine belongs in the toilet and not in your vagina! It is a body waste.Simply put “sperm” is a blood cell, and not usually found in urine.And if you can’t spell “pregnant” you shouldn’t get pregnant!
Pee..no. (Ewww)Ejaculate..yep.
Sperm and urine can never mix in the urethra in the penis at the same time. However, if a man ejaculated and then urinated, there is a chance that the urine could flush out some remaining sperm. Luckily for you, the urine kills the sperm.
if sperm is in the urine, yes yes u can
no but i herd it helps with spelling and grammar
Yes, that’s how George Bush was conceived.
..is this a joke?
sperm sure no sperm no
there might be a minute chance of that happening. But urine is also known for its germisdal effects, therefore the chance of a sperm entering in is very low.
Y E S , and you will have a whole bunch of little pisswittles. I guess in this case, it’s better to be pissed in, than pissed off.Oh., by the way., it has been confirmed, that IS how George Bush was conceived.
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