Why doesn't sex feel good?

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Sex has never felt good to me- never felt even close to having an orgasm. Supposedly it is common for women to not have orgasms from sex alone but when I talk to people about it, it seems that everyone can and does! Are they lying? Has anyone had this problem? Anyone figured it out?
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Yes. My husband and I have great sex all the time. The trick to it is to find out what works for you and then find someone who cares enough about you to do those things for you. You can also do things in return.
It takes alot of warm up for a woman – someone told me once it’s like pushing a wagon up hill, you get her started and then don’t let go, because she will decline back easy and you will have to build up again. – Wait for a good loving relationship and talk and be honest, try different positions ect. Do a search for Sue Johansen – talk sex with Sue.
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