does touching mean anything??

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i have a private golf instructor and he will touch me in uncomfortable places to show me what to do on my swing. i know it sounds stupid but he will like put his arms around me and im 14 and hes like 30. hes also married and has kids. but it just seems like he doesnt have to touch my butt to show me how to bend my knees and to move my hips. i cant say anything because we pay him and its not cheap even for us.i dont know if i should just let him do it but its just so weird even though hes cute hes old. and im currently trying to get back into a relationship and he likes to golf so he would end up coming with me and i dont want him to overeact. what do you think it means and what should i do. i dont know why i feel this way before i meen ive been touched before by my bf and i felt fine but it just makes me
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I don’t care how much you pay the SOB! If he’s making you feel uncomfortable, you need to either tell him or tell your parents. If he doesn’t stop when you ask him to, fire him and get a different instructor as soon as you can. No one has the right to do anything with your body that you are not comfortable with.
it like momma always said, ‘if it feels wrong, it is.’ perception is everything hun, and if you percieve what hes doing to be that way, say something. if not to him, then to your mom. she wont be mad or anything, she will probably be glad you told her. o0oh u need 2 tlk to an adult about that ,seriously
He is only trying to instruct you, I don’t think he’s interested in you. When he touches you, he’s only teaching you where to put your knees and legs. You could just tell him to not touch you so much or not at all. If you feel uncomfortable about it then it’s wrong and certainly wrong if he’s 30 and you are 14. Also you can say something to your mom or dad because I’m sure they’re not paying him to put his hands all over their daughter. I’m 35 with 2 young daughters10 and 2 and I’d be pissed. Hope this helps.
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