Can anyone help with my feminine hygeine problem?

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I consider myself to be a very clean person, but for some reason that area never feels or smells clean. What are some products or methods I can use to improve hygeine? It is very embarrassing!
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Soap up a face cloth and wrap it around your finger shove it in and twist it around.
please do not use deodorants or douches!! they mess up your vagina’s acidity levels and your natural discharge causing irritation! just keep warm water and a washcloth on hand and wash up every now and then
Do not use any deodrant or soap. Wash with clean water, followed by Femfresh its not a soap its a wash without any frangrances or all that stuff that soap has, they have other ranges the femfresh wipes are good because you can use them during the day, which helps you feeling clean and fresh througout the day. Never, ever use soap
all you need to do is to wash it often with clean water… you will be just fine…
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have gone through this. I take showers each day, and I use a non-deodorant soaps, and I still had the same problem. There was a smell, and also my discharge was at times very runny like water. I finally made a Dr’s apt, and found out that I had Vaginal Vaginosis. This does not mean that you have a STD or that you don’t bath. This happens when the acids in the vagina become In-balanced, and it could cause an infection. I only had two symptoms, but it could cause others as well. I have included a website of Vaginal problems, that you may want to look at. Hope that this helps you out!! Good Luck. wrong diagnosis.comjust type in vaginal disorders and diseases. umm well i know there is a special deodorant for that area. Speak to your doctor as its perscription medicine, but its safe and stops odour
you should use St. Ives for senstive skin or something ..
what area? that area?(u no where?)
You didnt mention since when you started having the smells. As far as I know, having bad smell down there should be checked up. You could have a bacterial vaginosis. See the source below and hope this helps.
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