if my bra size 34d can i wear bra size 32a ? girl & women only!.

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i stay a night at my girl friend house my bra get very wet. so i has to one of hers new bra her size bra is 32A.
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You should know that is a no
Come on are you serious?? Commonsense, what do you think?
I’d Go without before I punished my boobs like that. bras are so confining anyway, why would you try to squeeze in something that will never work. See the 32 is how big around under or above her boobs your friend is, the a means she is only 33 inches around the biggest part of her boob. you on the other hand are 34 around and 38 inches around the biggest part of your boob, so I would not try to flatten 7 inches if I were you. Go without one, or use duct tape, Duct tape fixes everything.
lol not unless your a hoochie mama your jugs will fall right out a thoes not to mention trunioquet and restrict blood flow
Maybe you can squeeze those in there. its not going to be very comfortable though.
Yeah that will fit. Go ahead, it will be very comfortable too. I mean, it’s not like you can put your wet bra in the dryer or anything and I mean you obviously cant tell by looking at a 32A bra whether or not your 32D boobs will fit in there. Good question. Best one I’ve read today.
Please tell me this isn’t proof that bigger boobs equal less intelligence..
No I am afraid not. It is important that you have a correctly fitting bra.
No, it won’t fit so won’t give you any support.
1)you sound like a child2) why does your bra get wet at your friends house?3) learn to type4) no it won’t fit you
No definately NOT! If you do manage to squeeze them in her bra then it will v.uncomfortable for you and her when she realised you have damaged her bra.
LMAONo honey, 34D will not fit in 32A.The number is the size of your back (around) and the letter is the size of the cup that holds your breast. So your back is bigger than hers and your breasts are much larger.
then your not wearing the right size for you, so to vic secret, and have them truly measure you, and then you’ll see the right size for you, teehee NO SORRY YOU WOULDN’T FIT IT
Sorry but the answer is no.Im a size c-cup and one day i had to borrow my friends a cup and it fit.But i guess it only works in last minute situations.
tight and small fitted bra may result headache
when i saw the questions i thought for the first moments that you you are planning to go for 36D
you got big breasts honey bunny!
It will be very tight and uncomfortable. The number refers to the size around your chest and breasts, the letter refers to cup size.
lmfao ur not to bright r u. ur boobs would pop the bra shooting it into someones eye.
No you really shouldnt because that’s going to be really tight around your chest and very uncomfortable. I wouldnt recommend it
No way!! The cups size really does matter.
Your girls are probably going to be pooping out. It’s also going to be tight on your back. It’s also going to look really weird.
sorry,but no you can’t.34 or 32 is the size measurement around your chest. The a and d are the cup size.
LOL–why was your bra so wet?.and no–I would not stuff d-cup boobs into an a-cup bra.sounds very painful!
No. First off, it won’t fit around you, Second off, you are better off wearing dixie cups on a string. Put yours in the dryer real quick, You’ll have it back in 10 min
might not be very comfy but i guess it could work for a minute
um no. it will not fit you. not even remotely. You might be able to cover your nipples with it.. lol. I wear a 34 d, and i promise you those things will not fit in a 32a, didnt you try it on?34 is the measurement around your rib cage directly under your boobs. the letters are cup sizes, the cups are the parts that cover your boobs. They are in direct relation with the band size. A 32c cup will be smaller than a 34c cup, but they are all a c.if you wear a 34d you will only fit in a 34 d. sometimes though, in a pinch, you can make a 36c work (although it cont provide the control and comfort for everyday wear). because you went up a band size, the cup size will be close to your actual need. 0 Votes 0%
you can try to wear it, but its not going to do you any good.
Ok, the numbers represent the size of your back & the letter is your cup size, your back is much bigger than the bra you want to buy, and the cup size, your boobs will make that bra explode How about trying it on, but if you break it…. You pay it !
size D bo*obies won’t fit in an A cup
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