Calling all women!!!!?

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I have been suffering from vaginal discharge since the eight grade and Im now 19 and a sophmore in college!! All doctors tell me its normal but I dont think discharge everyday 24/7 is normal!!! But heres the problem…im a virgin and I want to have sex but hello im discharging everday and I dont think I guy would like do I go about it. Hide it or take a bath before I want to do it or just tell him. ALso im pretty sure im going to like spontaneous on the wall type of sex so i dont think i can hide it!! Please help!!
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What exactly do you mean by discharge? “Most women have some vaginal discharge. A normal vaginal discharge:Does not smell bad.Is not gray, green, or yellow.Does not occur with vaginal or genital redness, burning, or itching.Does not occur with pelvic pain or burning when you urinate” ( any of that is not true about the discharge that you are experiencing, then you should go see a different doctor, or an OB/GYN. If everything about the discharge is normal, maybe you are just sensitive, and what you say is discharge is actually just from you being turned on and your body getting ready for sex. Before sex, your body will get ready by producing lubrication so that during the act, you will not have painful or irritating rubbing of the skin. That’s just part of it, and as long as you don’t have abnormal discharge, then the guy shouldn’t have any problem with the wetness. #1: How many doctors have you seen because it sound like you need to speak with an experienced GYN doctor.Try having sex in a hot tub or bath tub at first to hide it but I would really try to see another doctor
Christ! How do you bleed for years and live? It must really suck to have that vagina.
Normal discharge is creamy or white or clear. It is odorless. It happens everyday. There is nothing wrong with you.It is not healthy to wear a small tampon everyday.
If it is just clear or white discharge, that is normal lubrication, which means you’re fertile and it will make sex great–but you’ll probably be the type to get pregnant by sharing the soap (family saying), so watch that one! If it has an odor, find a doctor who can help you, because that is not normal.
All girls have discharge, many have a small amount every day. if it bothers you that much you could wear a small tampon in to stay fresh. it might be hard to take out or clean up before spontaneous sex but its worth a shot. you could also take a bath or something too. i usually have sex in the dark so a guy wouldn’t notice if i had any.. if he puts his hands down your pants then just pray he thinks you’re excited already! good luck
Hello Dear, I say listen to the ladies but also not one of them said if you are a virgin save it !!! First of all it will not be the extremely joyful moment that you think when you are first penetrated. Also you will bleed if your hymen is still intact, and that is the preverbial “Cherry”If you can and I am sure you could please wait… Do other things to satisfy him and yourself until you are certain. !!!!! Condoms !!!!!
Vaginal discharge is normal, think of it as your body’s own built in cleaning system. There is nothing wrong with it at all. If you are nervous about the guy feeling it or smelling it, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Alot of men find it sexually arousing and see it as a sign that you are turned on by them. If you are really nervous about it, try going to the bathroom before you have sex. This will give you an opportunity to “freshen up” before doing the deed. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to stress about it. Just enjoy being a healthy, young, beautiful woman and the rest will just work itself out. (Either way it’s better than chronic vaginal dryness that some women suffer.) Good luck and blessed be. V-
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