DO you really have to bleed during fist intercourse? how painful is it? and how much bleeding?

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What it you are not gonna bleed during the first penetration. Even if your still a virgin. will that be fine? The guy might think that the girl is already lost her virginity when in fact she didn’t.
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What are you trying to prove? if it is out of wedlock you need worry at all, but in the case of mariage it would not be a problem because you marry a person whom you love, wheather you are a virgin or no virgin who cares? It is love that matters more than sex. Sex with love is fantastic
when i lost my virginity i didnt bleed
Well I didn’t bleed much at all. But i’m going to tell you it dosen’t feel good for the first thru say 10 times. You’ll be wondering what the heck is all the talk about “sex” it sucks! Really wait to have sex until you’ve found the right guy. You dont want to be sleepin with a bunch of different guys and having to tell them that you slept with so and so and so on. Be sure he’s the one and wait til your ready to have a baby. Because if your having sex you will eventually get pregnant! Good luck!
it is when hymen is penetrated it it get ruptured . it only happens during first intercourse. after that every thing is normal blood coming out is not much. its not that painfull you fell the pain only when penis first enter the vagina and till few seconds after that every thing is normal. if yopu are still vergin and still do not bleed then it is not a big issue because may be due to some activities like cycling and other such activities and specialy athelitics break hymen early in life without intercourse. guy must belive you in this aspect. Source(s):read somewhere where exactly i do not remember.
Oh lots, you bleed for days, the pain in excruciating. but I hear if your over 20 years old and use protection its not as bad!
Everyone is different, some bleed for days while others don’t. Everyone experiences the pain physically and emotionally. if your tooo young and have intercourse, you may have trouble emotionally after the fact. be sure you are ready for such a big move in your life. And be sure to protect yourself, as 1 in 5 people have HIV or aids. Not to mention all the other millions of types of diseases..Some that can effect your ablility to have children in the future. not to mention the fact you can become pregnant, even using protection and the pill. None are 100% effective. best thing to do is wait till your old enough to have a job and support yourself if you were to become pregnant. Not to mention emotionally capable! good luck and think smart! Source(s):tooo young and had sex!
yes!formally every woman have got this!.its depend how much bleeding but dint been ignore cause being a women its a natural.
The man, if he is attuned to your feelings, will most likely feel your viginity when he breaks it. It is actually a small piece of skin halfway up the vagina, and he will feel it when he breaks it, whether there is blood or not. You will prbably also wince a bit, which he should pick up. Make sure that you have a lot of lubrication, and that he goid slowly..
Not all women really have to bleed during first intercourse .Virginity will lose if someone has an accident such as falling from bicycle or other events.Or maybe a woman ‘s virgin can not be penetrated because her viginity is too elastic or too thick. so the penis can not go should be torn down by a doctor.The blood flows only a little but can flow more than one time in the first night.and you only feel a bit pain.In order to be satisfied for both husband and wife ,before making intercourse,both should make a foreplays touching a sensitive parts of both especially for wife such as breast,neck,stomach.thigh and so on.With this foreplay you will not get pain if your husband ‘s penis penetrates your vagina when you are already ready to receive it.
Wheew, I thought you were asking about fist penetration.I would definately not advise that, for your first experience.
What is this fist intercourse crap. You have a problem. Use lube and make sure that you have a guy with smaller hands you know like a carnie or something.
The reason that a woman bleeds when she first loses her virginity is because the hymen tears. The hymen is a membrane which covers the opening to the vagina- and only has a slit-like opening – and when she has intercourse for the first time, the insertion of the penis will rupture (tear) the hymen (which causes the pain and the bleeding). However, some women are born with what is called a “non-intact hymen”; this simply means that she had a much larger opening in her hymen, and as a result, she may not bleed much, with the first intercourse. you don’t usually bleed during sex you will bleed after it and its only a real little bit like a few spots most of the time, the guy will more than likely know that ur a virgin because you’ll be really tight and he will beable to tell by the look on ur face the pain.
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