Hmm, WOMEN or GYNs only please?

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Ok, after my man ejaculated inside me during intercourse, I went to the bathroom and there was a little blood. I am in my ovulation week, as I ended my menstration Saturday. What could this be? Implantation immediatly?? Unlikely right?
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Unlikely, yes. My best educated guess is, it is just a little left over from cycle. You just ended two days ago.. so if there is no pain, you will be okay.
Probably, he just ruptured a small blood vessel within the vagina. The egg is fertilized in the fallopian tubes, not in the uterus. It takes 3 days for the egg to travel down the fallopian tube and reach the uterus for implantation.
If you don’t want to get pregnant, get on birth control!
maybe he was just a little too rough…and made little tears (fissures) around your vagina….. or maybe you weren’t quite ready to get busy….if you aren’t wet enough the same thing can happen…..
no definitely not implantation immediately . It’s possible your b/f was a bit rough with you and that is the reason for the blood.
Nah…you probably weren’t fully done your period and having sex “brought it back” with all that poking around!It happens to me too Best to ask the doc. It might be the lining of yourr vagina bleeding slightly, leftver menstration blood or the beginning of your period…even though it might not start for awhile.
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