Heart Murmur?

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Does anyone know if a heart murmur can be harmful at times?
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Please see the webpages for more details on Heart murmur. Heart murmur medically, a gentle, blowing sound heard through a stethoscope. It is one of many heart sounds, and there are many kinds of murmurs. Sometimes the murmurs come and go. The presence of a heart murmur does not necessarily indicate heart disease or any serious heart damage. Source(s):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_murmurhttp://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003266.htmSchifferes’ Family Medical Encyclopedia.
Heart murmurs are noises made by the blood when it becomes turbulent.Usually blood flows smoothly going in one direction like the cars on a highway, but like in highways sometimes cars have to slow down because there is a narrowing in the road and this disrupts the normal flow and sometimes some cars hit each other and when they hit the make a sound.well the same goes for blood sometimes there is something that alters the blood flow and blood crashes against itself making noise.This maybe due to variable amounts of damage to the valves that guarantee adequate direction of the blood or because there are some abnormal communications between the right and left sides of the heart (Then that would equal to changing lanes recklessly on the highway)Some murmurs are due to minor abnormalities or are even normal and those aren’t´t harmfulBut loud murmurs which also are associated with severe damages or more symptoms are harmful and should be correctedIt is up to your physician to evaluate the murmur and find if it fits into the physiological (not harmful) or pathological (harmful) murmurs It can be depending on severity and localtion of the murmur.
I have a heart murmur and it has never caused me trouble and my doctor has told me it is nothing to worry about.go to your search box and type in “heart murmers”
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