It is 2:20 AM here, are there any other insomniacs awake? Wht can’t I sleep! You would think?

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300 mg ot trazadone, and a double dose of Ambien would knowck me out!
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hmm, do u drink a lot of caffeine? I don’t know though, I have issues with sleeping for no reason. It is 2:35am here. You must be in central america too. I can’t sleep either, but I’ve had some sleep earlier so I’m wide awake.
It is 1.10 p.m here just had lunch I feel sleepy I’m here as well drinking beer
Sometimes one depends so much on a sleeping aid they can’t function well with out them. Try getting more exercise earlier in the day. Avoid caffeine after 4 pm if at all. Don’t eat heavy meals after six pm. Try taking a nice warm bath, listen to some soft music, read something very boring, I was taught to close my eyes and tense every muscle in my body starting at my toes and count to six, then release and relax as if they are floating on air, work your way up and you’ll feel like you are falling onto a big phat feather pillow. Stay away from the tv. If you need some form of noise, try a fan. Good luck, it’s not fun relying on medication for something that should be natural.
Oh.. wow. You are just like me. Except I’m an ativan freak. Which is BAD. Bad, bad, bad.Did the Dr. say it was okay to take those meds together? Sometimes the drug interaction can actually make both inactive and ineffective.I’m still trying to find something for me that helps me sleep.. I think I’m at an ativan-plateau.Some girl once told me meditating on her feet worked for her. She would stare at them and think about all of her problems flowing out of them or something. Didn’t do anything for me but make me laugh but its worth a try.
3:35 here (ny) still up. same time here….. im not sleepy at all! i usually have to take tylenol pm when i want to go to sleep at a certian time
I can’t either.sometimes I have trouble sleeping if I think too much!! i smoke crack biotch
well it is 3:37 am here and i can’t sleep i am waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in :-)Wow that is alot of medication to take at one time.. Tylenol PM is enough to knock me out..
trazadone is killer stuff and ambien too man i would be out like a light read a book puts me to sleep or do something that you have to use engery doing like clean or exercise oh and its 3:35 am here I’m on trazadone also and if I keep myself busy enough it doesn’t do anything for me
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