what can help have better and longer sex?

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when my b/f and i have sex he just goes into it. hes not even really that hard but when i try to get it it just doesnt work. we could have hours of foreplay and he goes a few mintues after we start. he wants it longer and so do i. does anyone know how we can do that? please this is a serious matter!
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It gets better with time. Practice, practice, practice. As you get older, it gets better. Have him visualize something icky while he’s mounted and it will help him last longer before blowing his wad.’nuff said? It’s basically state of mind whether you enjoy or not…longer duration is something to do with your self control & will power. The more is foreplay, the lesser is the duration…
Don’t get excited during foreplay, do not contineously touch each other’s sex parts. When your b/f enters his penis in your vagina or asshole tell him not to make contineous stroks. Talk to each other and make slow moves.I hope you will be able to increase your time
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