Period question.see details and help please?

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My last period was May 18th.I have had a couple of days with a dark brown discharge (very light only noticible when wiping) No signs or symptoms of a period coming on. I am 30 years old, no medications, no unusual amounts of stress, weight loss or gain, husband had a vasectomy over 7 years ago..SO what is causing me to have this rregular/missed period and odd discharge? WE ARE BOTH FAITHFUL!!
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Wait for your next period date in July.Don’t let the replies you get concerning early menopause concern you.I had the same thing for more than six months. Waiting each time only to have it get erratic, with sometimes light spotting twice a month. Why did I wait so long? I kept thinking it’ll be okay. And chiefly because we were short of money. To make a long story short, I finally went to my gynae and found out it was a polyp. Nothing serious at all. So don’t worry so much.Good luck.
Even with a vasectomy is still is a chance of pregnancy, it is not 100% sure. You should just take a pregnancy test, just in case.
could it be early menopause? i would go to your doctor to make sure. It may be that the snipping of your husband didn’t completely snip, but i would see you doctor
I hate to say this to you because you’re so young, but sounds like it could be early menopause. Some women experience this as young as their 20’s.
Brown discharge typically means old blood that the body is just trying to get rid of, so this is quite normal. Unless there is a foul odor, then there is no need to worry. As far as the missed period this can be due to many things other than pregnancy including hormonal imbalance, thyroid, polyp, cyst, amongst other reasons. The only way to know for sure what is going on is to see your doctor for an exam and testing. If there is truly NO Chance of pregnancy, and you are otherwise feeling just fine, with NO other symptoms (GYN or otherwise) I’d say it’s a very light period for you.and just await your next scheduled on in just a few weeks.if that is missed or unusual, I would go see your OB/GYN and get could be nothing, but could be an Endocrine situation? No need to speculate at this time..ease the worries and await the mid-July expected period and go from there!
There may be a lot of reasons. But wait until your next period, if the same thing continues go to a gynecologist.
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