If any moms see this plez help?

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okay is it normal for teengae girls to miss one month of period? if you think i had sex and that’s the problem, then your wrong. it was just gone like that for one month and came back the month after
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yeah until you get a normal cycle. but if it continues to happen you should see a doc to make sure things are OK down there
Absolutley NORMAL!It often takes months or years to get your cycle in a regular pattern.In my case as an adult my period still isn’t regular, once I missed seven months in a row! Not so normal!Eveyone is different, some have a two day period, some girls go for a week or two. Either way whatever your cycle is, it will be normal for you. When you begin to be sexually active protect yourself, you sound like a very sensible young lady and I’m sure you will. Congrats on being a young woman! : )
My daughter had trouble and we finally had to go to the gyno and have her put on birth control pills to regulate her periods. She is fine now
well Im not a mom, but my wife had those problems even when we got married.. her period gone for 1,2,3.. months then came back..what we did? we went to the doctor, and he did an hormonal exam, to check some hormonal levels. so you need to go with your gynecologistis pretty common, this days more womens are experimenting this problem.I hope this helps, good luck!
Yes, it’s very normal to miss a period when you’re young. It could take up to a year or two for your cycles to become regular.
don’t worry. I had my first period when I was 11 or 12 and then it was another year before I ever had one. If you’re really worried, talk to your Dr. about it.
It’s totally normal for teenagers to skip a period here and there. Their bodies haven’t yet grown completely and gotten used to a schedule. Even after you’re out of your teens, you can skip periods. (By the way, having sex does not make you miss one period.)
There could be alot of reasons for this. Are you on a diet, changing your eating habits. Stress can do it. Be a good idea to say something to your mom & have it checked out by a Dr. Good Luck
Sex will not make you miss your period unless you are pregnant. Exhaustion can cause the period to thin or disappear. Stress is another common cause. If you are athletic or have an eating disorder that causes you to have a very low body fat level this will also effect your period.
When I was a teen my period was very irregular. I would sometimes go two to three months without getting one. You should grow out of it, I did, but if it doesn’t straighten out by the time you are 18, go to the doctor.
im not a mom but when your a teenager your period is irregular i know that. if you have had sex then it is possible that your pregnant because you CAN get your period when your pregnant. If you havent had sex then dont worry about that. otherwise its probably not that big of a deal but if your worried go to a doctor. If you dont want your parents to know, go to the closest planned parenthood. They’ll help.
Yes, as a teen beginning the menstrual cycle will be irregular in many girls. It is nothing to worry about unless you are sexually active. Your body is producing and adjusting to the hormones it is now producing. If you are concerned talk to your mother, after all she was once a girl and to ease your mind she could make an appointment with the doctor.
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