ladies only..please? answer quickly?

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i am a young girl and i am wondering whatthe best way is to reach a climax when masturbating? please answer quickly
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Vibrator on the clit is amazing!
First find an intimate place that is not subject to others interrupting you. Get in the mood like taking a long lingering luxurious bath. Enjoying a fine glass of wine. Create a pleasant environment like a darkened room, candlelit, with your favorite bath scent or incense burning. Then get comfortable in the bath and/or after it lie down, relax and proceed to business. Lubricate your fingers, with a commercial product (there are many, like K.Y. jelly). use lot’s of it. Start slowly and far away from your clitorous. Many ladies will begin by gently stroking their “golden spot”, located midway between the bottom of the labia majora (vaginal big lips), and the anal opening. (called the perineum). They then slowly stroke the bottom of the labia majora with their slickened fingers slowly massaging both sides and slowly working your fingers up the lips. Relubricate regularly and while you are stimulating the louter abia place one finger in and around the vaginal opening for a moment or two and then return to the labia majorae. Eventually start stimulating the bottom of the inner vaginal lips. (the labia minorae), slowly work your way up the lips on both sides. you may now be able to insert two fingers into your vagina. Move around slowly and langourously. Return to stroking the labia minora. Please note, I have not discussed the cliterous and g-spot yet.The previous manipulation should have built up considerable pleasant arousal. Approach the clitorous slowly and very gently. Relubricate your fingers and start a gentle massage at the base of the “gland” well under the clitoral hood. (the hood is located at the tip). The true base of the clitorous is way deeper than we can feel with our fingers, the pubic bone covers much of it. (thank you Dr. Clair Hite) Pay particular attention to the sides of the clitorous when stimulating it. As your stimulation and hopefully feelings of ecstacy mount, contact the clitoral hood and stroke it directly if the feeling is not too intense. If you are, still, feeling comfortable manipulating the clitoral hood pick up the pace of stroking it. While you are direcly stimulating the clitorous, don’t forget to stop periodically and manipulate the whole mound of venus and all its features discussed above. (labia, vagina, perineum etc.) before returning to clitoral stimulation. Many women now turn to rapid, accelerating and pressing stimulation of the whole clitorous. Such manipulation usually causes intense pleasure often leading to orgasm. If you do not reach orgasm after the above session do not worry. Relax, it will happen, and happen faster if you do not get anxious about. Don’t try to orgasm at all, let nature ease you into that wonderful, blissful state. The more relaxed you are and the more often you masterbate the more likely you will reach orgasm. And there is a very good chance that you can eventually experience one orgasm after another. Pay close attention, during each session, to exactly how you feel when you stimualate the various regions of your genitalia. And to the type of stimulation.Try to remember how you responded and felt. Every woman is different and responds differently. Those memories will enhance the next sessions and make them more pleasurable.. (incidentally, during two-some stimulation and manipulation with a female or a male), be sure to continuously tell your partner what to do and how you feel during each manipulation, and how to do it. They will appreciate the feedback.) There are whole books devoted to the subject of masterbation, sexual techniques, even effective foreplay, and cunnilingus . Amazon features many books with descriptions of their content, and prints readers comments, and evaluations of the books. Tantra (neotantra and traditional Tantra), and also Taoist techniques and exercizes can bring a whole new dimension tomasterbation, intercourse and other sexual exercizes. I hope your sex life is fulfilling and gets better and better.Dan the Answers-Man.Extra points appreciated and never refused use a vibrater that always works for me
Stress will kill the mood everytime. If you need to “move fast” and get on with your life, think ahead. Set a time and place where you will not be disturbed or interrupted. Privacy is essential. You may try to reset a time when it worked perfectly, use the same lighting, the same music, the same perfume. Sex is in the brain, first and foremost. A positive, calm state of mind, with encouragement from other senses (touch, scent, sight and sound) and you should have better responses. Source(s):scads of books, but I answer from the heart and experience.Dr. Ruth is still a fun read
first find the clit, squeez nipples really hard and rub either up and down or side to side, make sure its’ll be fine.You wiil be surprised at how many girls have no idea how to do that, its a shame, a damn shame. Vibrators work but the finger is it gotta be real wet, and think of that guy. You have to use your imagination also.
idk get a guy
y do u wanna kno so fast? lol u kno wut i do? well, i like it hard and fast lol so like i just.. go hard and fast lol.. and like yea.. thats the way i do it.. i like it when it hurts and i like it ruff, in both sex and jackin off 🙂 so yea.. its different for all ppl im sure but thats the i do it
relax and enjoy that is the key
sorry but that depends on each individual i can’t tell you do that and you’ll come cause it may work for some people but for others not. i still say try to figure it out yourself
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