Anal Sex..?

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i have had sex with my boy frienda many timess and i think that he wants to have anal.. should i do it.. and how bad does it hurt??
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plz DONT DO IT … the anus is not made for sex it is there for ur poop to come outta … so plz doont try this syupid practice
it hurts really bad plus if you keep doing it it looses up the muscles in your rectum,when you get older your going to wear depends because our muscles will never contract back to the normal size.
Don’t do it.
Are you a snake? Ssssssssss……..
it’s a outie not a innie..SuggestionLots and lots and lots of LUBE!!! and relaxA couple drinks wouldn’t hurt.
If you’re really thinking about it, then you should try it. It freekin hurts though, if ya do… Lots and Lots of Lube and you really gotta relax! There was this one time at Band Camp…I was piss drunk and it still hurt! Just wanted to let ya know.
It is entirely up to you whether you should or should not..don’t let him pressure you. I’ve found that what works is to RELAX as much as you can…for me that meant start having regular sex first…and use as much lube as you can and have him start slow. Stop if you don’t like it. For me, if I had some kind of pain reliever or muscle relaxer before hand it was not painful at all. It all depends on how comfortable you are with it. no wait until your a little older and can be with a guy who wont just ram it in cuz it hurts really really bad some ppl even pass out from it
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