PmS help???.

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i am 14 and i had my period since i was 11 and in the 6th grade. i have always had these terrible kramps that last all day and i throw up like six this normal,do other people do this?and when it happens at school it’s there any pills i can take besides birth control that will take away a little pain?THANXJusT kEepIN iT reAL
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pamprin, midol.. GO TO THE DOCTOR ! Check this out. Have a friend you trust or family member do this. You, lay down, face up. Friend, find most tender spot on both of your achilles tendons, this is just above your heel bone on the back of the leg. When your friend finds them, have him/her squeeze them. Caution, this will HURT and you will want to hit them, however restrain yourself, breathe deeply and endure for about 2-4 minutes. At that time the pain should be abating in your achilles. Also, your cramps should too. Note, this should only be done while you are experiencing the cramps, doing this before the cramps occur will do nothing to abate the process. Cheers! Source(s):An old chiropracor I once met.
It’s normal. I’ve had that problem as well. Your not alone! I started using birth control, but before that, I took pain killers (such as Advil. That always worked best) before the pain started. I figured out to about the time when they started and I started dosing up. (Like a pill a day. It builds up pain killing stuff) Sometimes when I have my period, I throw up uncontrollably, I just can’t stop. It is usually just for the first two days though. I hope you can find something that works for you.
You can get a prescription from the doctor that will stop the nausea & vomitting. My daughter experiences it. My daughters problem is that she vomits & gets headaches about 2 days before or 2 days after mostly that later part. When she gets homeI will get the name of the medicine for you & send it to you. put some books on your stomach and do some sit-ups that should work
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