I.B.S. what do one eat cant eat bread or cereals?

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I.B.S. what do one eat cant eat bread or cereals?
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Is it because of the yeast.If so you can get this stuff at the store and it is made of rice and you can bake your own and they carry pancake mixes to
That doesn’t sound like IBS, that sounds like Celiacs. You need to talk to the doctor about running tests on that..You’d know by eating anything that has gluten in it (white flour, pastas, semolina, whole wheat, oats, bran, etc)…if you get diarrhea and cramping and sometimes nausea and even vomitting with those above foods (even trace amounts) then it may be celiacs.If you can’t eat bread/cereal, then your best bet would be to get rice cereal and eat fresh fruits/veggies…avoid seeds and nuts for now, as they may irritate your bowels (as well as spicy foods).foods to avoid:*yeast*breads made with flour/glutenous foods*oats*bran*spicy (ie-HOT!!)*seeds (tahini and oils/pastes ok)*nuts (creamy pb ok, chunky=not ok, natural=not ok, unless it’s *not got those tiny pieces in it)*popcorn*anything that would get stuck in your teeth can aggravate your bowels*citrus (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc)what can I eat after all this?*high fiber foods*beans*legumes*if you get bent out of shape over the peanut thing, you actually could consume roasted peanuts, as long as they’re soft, you’re fine ;-)*rice (all kinds)*fresh fruit/veggies*applesauce*bananas*juices (non-citrus)Good luck with this!!! 🙂
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