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what is a pap test and how does it work, what does the doctor do.
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A pap smear is a medical screening test for detecting pre-cancerous changes and thus aims to prevent the development of cancer and other abnormalities in the female genital tract by sampling cells from the cervix with an Aylesbury spatula or a plastic-fronded broom. The cells are placed on a glass slide and checked for abnormalities in the laboratory. The test is simple and effectiveI have found it feels like menstrual cramps but ut doesn’t hurt, the doctor will also feel your ovaries to ensure they are normal. You MUST get this test done every year!!! Cervical cancer is preventable as this test will detect cells even BEFORE they become cancerous
A pap test is a pap smear. Your gynecologist uses a instrument to widen your vagina and then they use a tool to scrape a small amount of tissue from your vaginal wall to be analyzed in a lab. It looks for abnormalities, diseases and cancer. It does not hurt, some say its uncomfortable but it has never bothered me in the least. It is a bit embarassing but you have to remember the dr does it for a living and see’s hundreds yours is not different or memorable to her/him.
Get used to them. You should have them every year starting at 18 or when you become sexually active, whichever comes first. It’s a test for cervical cancer. You lie down on a table without bottoms and underwear an put your feet in stirrups with your legs spread apart. The doctor sits in front of you and sticks a metal tool called a speculum inside your vagina. The speculum opens your vagina so that the doctor can see inside. Below is a link to see what it looks like. With the speculum still in you the doctor sticks in another tool and scrapes the walls of your cervix to get a sample of your cervical cells. The sample then goes to a lab to be checked for abnormal cells. The procedure hurts a little bit, but it’s really not that bad at all. A lot of times after that the doctor sticks his or her fingers inside of you and feels around for abnormalities. That sometimes hurts a little bit, too. I remember once a doctor then stuck his finger up my butt, which I thought was really weird.
the gyn takes a smear from your cervix and it is then examined for cancer (or pre cancerous cells) . . it’s a regular test, you have it every time you go for a check up and it’s painless.
You simply lay back and put your feet up in stirrups. The doc inserts a speculum (duck bill looking thing that opens up so they can see your cervix) and then simply swab it with a very long Q-tip. It doesn’t hurt or anyhting, and is over in 2-3 minutes. Best wishes
Pap Test screens for abnormalities in the Cervix. They insert a speculum, swap the area and send it for testing.The process only takes a couple of minutes and it is very important to have it annually.
The doctor looks at your uterus through the vagina. He checks the ovaries to make sure they are healthy and he tests the cells for cancer. You lay on your back with your feet in stirrups. If you have a good doctor like I do, then the doctor will have the tools already warmed up! The doctor will use a tool to separate your vagina muscles and he uses a cotton swab to swab your uterus. He then puts his fingers on the inside and pushes from the outside to test for unusual lumps in the uterus. And, don’t worry, an orderly is in the room the whole time with the doctor, so nothing can happen. I have been getting one each year for the past 7 years. It is a way to take care of yourself.
The Pap test, also called a Pap smear, checks for changes in the cells of your cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens into the vagina (birth canal). The Pap test can tell if you have an infection, abnormal (unhealthy) cervical cells, or cervical cancer. For more information and diagrams check the rest of the website.It is an important test and painless.G.G. I;m not the right person to ask about this beacuse I am afraid of them.
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