What Do you Think About Breast Feeding?

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Do You Really think It Makes your Boobs Saggie.I dont think so. I was a 9 pound baby when i was born and i was breat fed. My Old Sister Was 10 pounds and was also was breast fed. Now im 15 and my sister is 23 and my mom can wear a bra of a size A or a small B.What Do You Think?
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I think its the most healthy for the baby and mom.It reduces a womens chance for breast cancer too.Babys have less digestive problems and it is a great bonding time.Not to mention the cost..Freeand how about convenience?
Um. I’m not sure if it makes your boobs saggie, and even if it does, who cares? The benefits of breast feeding clearly outweight the benefits of what your boobs look like. well if you take good care of your breast douringt pregnancy and breastfeeding and after that your beasts wont sag i guess. ive noticed that many women say they dont wanna breastfeed their kids because their breasts will sag, i think thats stupid because breast feeding is very important to make the link between baby and mother stronger
Pregnancy is what really causes sagging if sagging is going to occur. It’s really great that your mom breastfed both of you!
Well..I breastfeed my son for about a week.it wasn’t for me.But it is good for your child and he/she will learn faster. But about your breasts sagging, you would usually wear a bra at ALL times, if you didn’t breast feed, your breasts will become engorged (really big) and hurt very badly. Even if you don’t become pregnant, if you don’t wear a bra often , when you get older (5 more years), they’ll sag regardless.
I think people should just look past any possible “boob sagging” side effects and consider the health of the baby. Breast milk is natural and more healthy for a baby, and it allows it to bond more with its mother. Also, it’s FREE! Why not enjoy being able to feed your kid for free while you can?? I know I will definitely breast feed my kids someday. Breats are great and so is breastfeeding.
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