Is it me or him?

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My BF can go have sex for 10-18(max) is it me or him? I thought guys could control “it”. He says he does it b/c he get bored easily, well why have sex (with me ) if he get bored easily? Help me to figure this out.
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its him Don’t mind him! He can’t control himself! You are too exciting for him to handle!
I think you need a new bf. No, it’s not you. Bored with sex? What an idiot. Cut him off for a couple of weeks, see how bored he gets then when he’s got to pleasure himself instead.
Guys can control ejaculation to a point, sometimes. I am assuming that you are not being satisfied by your man since you are asking this question. If that’s the case he may be saying he is bored to save a$$ and not to take away from his manhood. Or maybe he is getting bored. Do you two do the same thing every time? When sex gets boring, you do tend to want to rush it and 10 minutes can feel like forever. Try to spice things up, try new positions, or just get a sexy little nightie to surprise him with. If he really just can’t go that long, make sure he takes care of you first. Foreplay can go on for hours before actual intercourse even takes place. Have him orally or manually stimulate you first. It’s only fair. its you
it’s him! If he says he is bored then he is not into you.He’s thinking of some one else.You have to decide what you want to do.
uhhhh im not sure if you should take 10-18 min as a compliment because that may mean you’re realy good..but i dont know about the bord compliment. That would make me wonder! It is both of you. Try adding something new to spice things up.
its might as well forget about him and find another one This is why boys with brains and artistic/creative types are sexy. How long before you get bored with him? I would have been gone a long time ago.
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