why cant i stop crying?

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ive just found im 5 wks pregnant (unplanned). my husband goes 2 iraq for 7 months, i feel like the world has caved in. im really scared and cant stop crying, help me please
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It is alot of stress that is on your body. All of your homone levels are heightend and you are about to have to say goodby to your husband for 7 months. It is normal to be upset. It is a scary situation with your husband having to leave in itself. Add to that your current situation and that is the makeup of a sob fest. I know that it is hard for you trust me I have been there too. I too had an unexpected pregnacy. My husband was there for me for the first 3 months then he was deployed with the navy until after I delivered. When it feels like the world is caving in on you look up. I don’t know if you are a religous person and I don’t want to preach to you that is the last thing that you need. But if you do believe in him cast all of your cares on him and let him do the worrying for you. When all you can think of it the bad try to focus on the good. He is only going to be gone for 7 months and not 9. He will be back to help you through the delivery. I was really scared what would happen to me when I had my child but now she is going on 6yrs old and she is the light of my life. My husband is underway now for 6 months and she is now what keeps me going and not depressed all of the time. Just remember when you feel like nothing can go right…that little one is your biggest blessing she or he will help bring you through the even rougher times that lay ahead of you. I hope all goes well for your delivery and God Bless…
sounds like your coping with alot go to the doctors hun im sure he will help u.try and keep your chin up your hormones r everywhere.
This is a natural response to hormones.Please see your GP or get involved with a local support group.
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