Hi everyone!:) I have a question here…?

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Can someone advise me on this… my girlfriend is a virgin. She wants us to have sex, but I am afraid it would hurt her…Is there a gentle way to do this?
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use a lot of foreplay don’t hurry into things and take time and do it slowly and gradually and it wont hurt
The first time might hurt her and be of no pleasure at all. (Although it’ll be great 4 u).Don’t force yourself into her at one time. Do it slowly and be patient. Even ask her to be on top so she can decide when to push down…. although being her first time, she may like a bit of guidance from you, which means you’re on top. Goodluck!
As everyone else has said, Go slowly and dont penetrate deep. I suggest you use some kind of lubrication. The best I have found is Astroglide available at any drugstore (next to the condoms). It is less messy than other lubes like KY jelly. Use the lube as a means of foreplay, covering yourself and her for best comfort. Remember, if this is her first time you have the chance at making it really great and special. Make her feel loved not a sex partner. Trust me she will remember and you will get the benefit in the long run.
yes ,, there are many safty ways..suck and anal and lick ,, and also you can put your between her lgs and between her breasts..http://www.thestarlitecafe.com/poems/101…plz visit my site and read my poems ,,, and leave me there your comments..yourshazemhttp://www.rbeditions.com/viewpage.asp?i…
It is called ‘The Agony & the Ectasy’ for a reason. If she truly wants to do it AND with you then she will welcome the pain assured that it will be followed by pleasure. And very important whenever PLEASING a woman – – – GET YOUR TONGUE in there first, get her so hot she will want your manhood – – always bear in mind that old hillbilly tune, “Never Stick Your Dick Where You Wouldn’t Stick Your Tongue.” Mostly go with the flow, be understanding, engage in a lot of foreplay, oral play and pretty soon the two of you will be floating on a cloud. Peace (or should I be rude and say piece). no
be easy wait 4 the rough stuff till later lol
Uhh…you’d better ask a licensed sex ed teacher about that. That’s a very private matter and I don’t that should be discussed in public.Piece of Advice: Both you and your girlfriend better get married if you both want it that bad. Peace.
Sure she is, how long have you been dating?
If she is agree than no problem. But the result is more difficult
your girl Friend wants sex you dint forget.u try to satisfied with them.u do not afraid for that.
There is always a measure of pain in what you are about to do. the gentlest way to do this would be not to do it at all. Try to convince your girlfriend that it would be better for her to keep that special gift for the man she marries one day.Albert K
If she is like most girls, it is going to hurt the first couple times and be of no pleasure whatsoever. It will get there though. Maybe buy her a toy she can use to “break herself in” comfortably and privately.
Go slow and don’t force anything. After a while you will be an expert.
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