I like to do cunnlingus on my wife, how do I get her to BJ?

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I like to do cunnlingus on my wife, how do I get her to BJ?
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first of all im sorry, we all deserve a good BJ sometimes. if she doesnt then dont go down on here and see how she likes that! OR, right after you get done kissing the kitty just go right up and grab the back of her head with one hand, grab your hard on in the other and push it into her mouth!
have you asked her if she would?or why doesn’t she?
ask her.
Can tell you’re getting a bunch of answers from men…cuz women would know they’re all wrong. She probably isn’t confident in how to do a BJ. It is scary when it first happens and if the man isn’t patient and gentle it will turn her off. Never just stick it in her mouth and push deep into her throat. She’ll gag and freak out. Never withhold sex from her just to get your way…surest way to kill romance forever. BAAAAD idea.Instead, gradually introduce her to what you want and get her to enjoy it and see how much you enjoy it. You could, for example, start with flavored lotions and let her lick them off (and I said LICK, not SUCK). Let her get used to how your c-um tastes and how it feels to play with you in that way. Then get her used to just the balls, followed by the head. You could also start playing some porn movies after sex so that she can see how others do it and you two can talk about what each of you enjoys and what else you’d like to do. Just don’t play the porn first because it will kill the mood. Do lots of cuddling and have open communication with each other. Ask her what she enjoys and what you can do better. That opens up the conversation to what you enjoy and you can teach her how to please you.But I’m just a woman, so take all of this with a grain of salt. I don’t have nearly the experience of the goofball men who think it’s better not to show her how good sex can be and to get her to want more. If she dosen’t do it you don’t do it
ask her when you’re not in the heat of the moment. ask her casually at dinner or something like that….
she has to wanna do that to you. Ask her about why she’s uncomfortable doing it. Basically your just gonna have to deal if she not willing to give.
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