For 5 days my left breast has been very tender feels bruised..?

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but found a huge lump and was wondering what or why & should i get it checked.from a worried lady
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you may have fibrocystic breasts..very common and not dangerous, but annoying..they always tell me any lump that hurts I don’t have to worry about, but if I find a more solid one that is not painful, that is one that needs to be checked out
definitely get it checked out! The sooner the better.
Test. remove all clothing. – if the left breast floats upwards you may be suffering from Helium poisoning. If not.. see a doctor.
Could be nothing, best thing to do is go and ask your DR for the best advice, Good Luck
Don’t panick, that’s the 1st thing you should try to do! Go to your gp, it DOESN’T sound like cancer as the other idiot said, there are many things that could be causing the tenderness, as well as the lump. By you over checking it, before you go to the gp, is going to cause you more worries and your mind will be working over time with the whats and ifs! Good luck
Can you show us a picture? It will probably look abnormal around the tender spot. Sry didn’t read the details. It is possibly breast cancer. get it checked immediately.
go to a breast doctor or whatever they’re called cause usually that means its like breast cancer. i dont mean to scare u but dont get scared, just go to the doctors and see what they have to say.
you may simply have a normal, non dangerous condition called fibrocystic breast disorder. that’s where the tissue is extra fibrous or lumpy. caffeine can make lumps bigger and hurt worse. 400 – 800 IU’s of vitamin E is my savior as i have this problem. i take one or two vit E pills and cut out the caffeine and it’s like a miracle cure!reasons to get it checked out: you never know. there could be an infection in a duct. (NOT likely if you’re not producing too much progesterone or have breast fed recently.) but round, even lumps that are larger in size, and lumps that hurt — those are usually benign / NOT a problem. it’s the small lumps that don’t hurt that feel a littler harder and are “fixed” or non-movable that are bad! (movable lumps are the kind that if squish around when you touch them.)you be the judge!
if you need to ask a question like that on here it’s your head that need looking at
Could be fibrocystic disease.You need to get checked asap I’ts uncomfortable but I have put up with it for years I’ve also had lumps which were cysts and were removed most breast lumps aren’t serious but must be checked because if they are they need to be treated right away.Told to take evening primrose which helped a bit.
regardless of ur feelings or not, u should always go get mammograms regularly.the thing is, is that u dont feel when u have cancer the symptoms u describe, but if u shoud definitely get it checkedu hav nottin to loose
get it checked out could be something general like a blocked milk duct. But it is best to get it checked out to put your mind at rest.
I cannot believe some of the idiots answering this question in such a flippant tone. Grow up. It sounds to me like much of the above but you should still go and see a doc a.s.a.p. if only to put your mind at rest. take care
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