So scared Help!!!?

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I had a papsmer done a week ago and the test came back very earregauler. My doctor told me that it was the most eareguler that it can get. She told me that cancer is not anything to mess around with and that I have to go back to get a colostomy done on 10/09 she said that we have to let my perid come first and then we can do this test. I am so scared. Has anyone had this done befor and can you tell me how it is done. I would have asked the doctor but I was in shock from what I was told and just wanted to get out of there I was by myself. I am only 26 years old Help me plesa?
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I can;t help, but the doc can. Get the test doen again for a second opinion.
Before you finish reading my answer, I just want to say – DO NOT WORRY. I have been down a similar road and it is scary, but don’t jump to conclusions! Your pap smear probably came back as abnormal and now your doctor wants to perform a colposcopy. That is an exam that is named after the tool the doctor will use to examine you – a colposcope. It is just like a pelvic exam, except it feels a bit like a clamp. Don’t worry about it – just slight discomfort. It allows the doctor to see your cervix while he/she highlights the abnormal cells and get a visual idea of their growth pattern and severity. The doctor will take a sample and send it to a lab to judge how abnormal they are. Now, abnormal cells from one’s cervix are termed cervical dysplasia – and they are graded from mild, to moderate, to severe. They can take years to go progress to those stages, (or sometimes less), if left untreated, or, for some people who have mild dysplasia, they can just go back to normal. If they progress beyond the severe stage (which, like I said, can take many years to get to that point), they can progress to cancer. When your lab tests come back, your doctor will advise you on which course of treatment might be best for you. There are a few types of surgery that can address the condition. I’ve had the LEEP twice and it is very tolerable – it’s basically just like the biopsy that occurs at the colposcopy. My doctor said if my condition continues to come back (I’ve had severe dysplasia twice), I can continue to have the LEEP surgery or I can go with a hysterectomy. I’ve had four kids so I don’t need my cervix any longer, but you are younger and may want to preserve yours for childbearing. At one time I was pregnant with dysplasia, but since dysplasia is typically slow-growing, my doctor advised waiting until after the baby was born to deal with it. After the baby was born, the inflammation from childbirth had destroyed that layer of cells anyway so I didn’t have to do anything that time. My point in sharing this with you is that cervical dysplasia, if that’s what you have, is something you DO need to address (don’t turn your back on it), but is usually something that can be dealt with. Do not freak out. By the way, my last PAP was also severely abnormal and when my doctor got the colposcopy labs back he said it was really only a small section that was severely abnormal (the rest was moderate or mild). So, PLEASE do not worry – just follow through with all of your doctor appointments and stay on top of your healthcare. One final word, though, when you feel nervous or scared or needing additional information, feel free to call your doctor. You deserve to have them take five minutes to clarify themselves and make you feel more at ease.
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