How to cure addiction to m**tu**at*on for female?

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I have a constant craving for it?
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Realise that those cravings last only as long as you are listening to them. Yes, the temptation seems insurmountable but it isn’t.Do something else! Break the routines that lead to giving into the craving. Go out for a walk, call a friend on the phone or go see them, better. Do something you’ve been putting off for awhile, like organizing shelves or some such. Treat yourself to a manicure or a facial; if you can’t afford to go to a shop, call a friend who can help. Put on some good music and dance around the room. Get stuck into a project that you’ve wanted to do for some time.Also you need to know that if you engage in self-pleasuring too often over a long period of time, there will be two side effects: You may be unable to “get there” without direct manual stimulation, which can be a turn-off to a man, as it can make them feel inadequate.Over time, you will experience “the law of diminishing returns”–the more you do it the less pleasurable it will be, until it gets to be just like rubbing your elbow or something. There will be a definite loss of sensation and you may even reach the point where there’s no real pleasure at all. Which is extremely frustrating!Sex for one should be an occasional thing, not a way of life. Control your urges, don’t let them control you.
Nothing wrong with that. It is neither wicked nor harmful, just lonely.Perhaps you are not doing it correctly, though, if you “constantly” crave it. Buy a book on methodology. Get a toy. Or even (here’s a thought) get a partner.
This is not a disease so there is no cure. It is natural but look out for the real thing to eleviate your condition.
that’s just the way you are, don’t let it disturb you like it has so many in the past, it’s natural and you’re not a bad person, if you feel you must resist then resist as much as you can but don’t beat yourself up if you give in to your flesh, we ALL do.
Th**apy was a good one! Very funny. But, to tell you the truth, I have that same problem. Don’t think about it. I went as long as 2-3 months with out it. I just now messed that up about a week ago. Then, last night. Anyway–don’t think about it, and ignore it. If you must, give into it, and maybe you’ll get tired of it.
Why do you think this is a problem? I do it atleast once a day aswell as having a normal sex life with my boyfriend. I have a very high sex drive and by the sounds of it so do you……Keep flicking your bean its great x x x x
You are a product of a disturbed world and should be chastised severely. Such filthy acts of self abuse should be treated with the strongest possible course of psychotherapy – to cure you of your perverted affliction.Yeah, right. Relax I’m only kidding. I do it two or three times a day, my wife does it every night (and possibly during the day when I’m at work) It doesn’t do you any good to keep those urges locked up in your head. Just enjoy your body. You’ll not come to any harm – apart from maybe going blind – but that’s a price worth paying, eh?
get a bf
Grow your nails!
wear boxing gloves
as long as your not harming yourself and not doing it in public then theres no need to stop, if its what your body wants then give in to it. Either that or get yourself a boyfriend!
You need to find a real man.
You don’t need to be “cured”, you don’t have a disease. There’s nothing wrong with masturbation. Set aside a little private time for yourself and do it ’til your heart’s content. As long as you’re not skipping school/work so that you can stay home and do it all day, you’ll be just fine. It’s healthy and it’s normal.
have fun and finger yourself stupid
Its not unusual – please dont feel bad about it – enjoy !
it is not an adiction it is the most natural thing in the world and dont worry it wont make u go blind! If it did all men would be blind and the willies wud have dropped off
true religion,really adhere to itIslam
Find a nice man that wishes to please you in that way more an to put a huge internal smile on your face everyday or more if the situation presents itself to you.
There is no cure ! Its just something we all have to live with ! Keep on spanking the monkey my friend !Spank on, spank on, spank, spank, spank !
masturbation is completely normal and is also very healthy. its not a disease so no need to find a cure. if it feels good for you then why stop. you are not the only person in the world to do it. everyone does it
the victorians and the mormons tried to cure that behaviour in boys. It didnt work. the best you can do is instill a lot of guilt to try and make the behaviour abhorrent (as the mormons do with their young boys).anyway, as long as you’re discrete, it is not a problem. Just don’t do it in the street and frighten the horsesedit – anyone who says “get a bf” just has no understanding of relationships, or sex drive
if you really want a cure , i’d suggest zyban.
don’t cure it , enjoy it.
it does no harm go with it but look out for a real substitute when you get time
It simply means you have a strong sex drive. Is you addiction to self pleasure causing you any problems in your daily life?If not, then go with the flow and enjoy it.
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