Can I (7 weeks pregnant) be around someone who has a staph infection? Mumps?

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A child that I work with was sent home last week for what the school nurse thinks is a staph infection. Another teacher got it to. I’m afraid to go to work tomorrow. Know anything about what exposure means/doesnt mean to pregant women?also, the same for mumps. husbands best friends has mumps.
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o should not be around any one with mumps or really any staph infections in the first there months. you should go to your Dr for reassurance and he can better inform you. the first three months is crucial to a baby’s development and when the baby is most venerable, any chance is to much of a chance so keep clear of any one with this type of illness also chicken pox is to be avoided very dangerous during child birth.and cold sores don’t let any one kiss your baby if they suffer this condition when baby is born Source(s):my son had mumps when i was pregnant with my third child tahats how i discovered it could be dangerous for my un born luckliy i was5 months pregnant. when my son was born his brother had a cold sore and mid wife advised me not to let him kiss my son . and my friend contracted chicken pox when pregnant in the final stages and had to be isolated it is very dangerous for the baby and more so during birth.
stay away from it all
It’s best that you avoid anyone who is sick with anything. It’s important that you stay healthy so your child is healthy also. And being pregnant means that you shouldn’t be taking any medicines. If you get sick, you may need medicines to get better and the medicine would pass through your blood to the baby. So can some illnesses.
Although most children recover, it can cause inflammation of the brain and spinal cord (meningitis) and hearing loss. It can be dangerous for: Pregnant women because it can cause miscarriageMost pregnancies proceed just fine. But infection is a potential problem that must be considered. And how rare or common a bacterium is has little to do with the damage it can cause or whether screening is to your obgyn about you being exposed to the staph and mumps.
Stay home. You shouldn’t be around that, especially the mumps. Also getting a staph infection could make you miscarry.
You should not go to work tommorrow. You should see your GP/doctor who will advise you better than we can and avoid any risk of infection from the ‘mumps’ virus by avoiding children aged upto 12yrs.Some research shows a risk of problems in early pregnancy if this virus is contracted.Stay home and get in contact with your GP ASAP – the virus is spread through direct contact like saliva or blood. If you think you hushband has been exposed avoid contact to be safe.
You should consult your doctor and be tested to make sure you are fine.
you shouldn’t To be on the safe side, I definitely would not! wait a couple weeks, if you can. if not, well, just be safe.
For the safety of you and your baby you need to stay away from all of that stuff. During your first trimester your baby is extremely susceptible to all illnesses that you get so to be safe you should avoid it at all costs.
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