What does it mean when you have blood in your urine?

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When I went to the rest room today I found blood after wiping my private area. Lately I have to use the rest room more than usual, and when I go pee my private part is in pain.
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Get to the doc. And I’m the kind of guy who normally says just wait a little while. Go now.. It’s ok, everything will be fine.. But go.Hang on, are you changing from a girl into a woman? It might just be your periods. They’re nothing to worry about. Talk to your mom, or an aunt, or even dad- he does know about this stuff.
Try asking your mom if its normal. (i assume your a girl). if you are a boy, damn, you must see a doctor asap.
you may have a serious problem, go see the doctor. Source(s):88
Yeah I have had recurring bladder infections all my life and the symptoms are it hurts when you pee, blood in your urine, sometimes a fever and sometimes it feels like you are not peeing all the way (or emptying your bladder, so to speak.) You need to gt this chek out right away, because if it is a UTI it can spread to your kidneys and cause some serious damage. But a UTI is usually nothing serious if checked out by a doc soon. Make sure you drink lots of water during your treatment. Cranberry juice helps as well.
you are infected , by sexual disease
It could be kidney stones. You must see your doctor as soon as possible. It can be healed quickly just don’t waste time and go to your doctor straight away.
u should see a doctor right away. could be a lot of serious things
it could be one of the following:1. you are having your periods2. you have some stone in your bladder3. you may be having some rare infection of bladder
DEFINATELY URINARY TRACT INFECTION.GO SEE A DOCTOR NOW!! it could be ulcers go to dr and get checked out
It must be infection of kidney
I think you better go and have your urine examined. Please see a doctor very soon.
It means that you have a bladder infection and that your liver was unable to cleanse the bacteria thoroughly. What you would need to do is go to the doctor, they’ll probably tell you to do a urine sample and give you some antibiotics to take home with you.
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