Help for my Mom.?

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My mom has been with artheritis ever since the 12th grade, mainly around her back. Over the years the artheritis proliferated across her body. She is not completely immobile. She can still get around, The doctors can’t really help her that much, so I was wondering if there is anything I can do. I don’t want my Mom to suffer from artheritis. I want her to be able to live a life free from that pain. Maybe there is something you konw that I don’t. I will take any advcie, but please be serious. Until then, I’ll just help her in every way I can. P.S. Would a chiropractor’s techniuqes bring emoillment to her bones?
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nothing will help arthritus, its a degenerative disease of the joints. just help her get things done around the house.
the degenerative component is progressive and incurable but useful pain medicines that the doctors can prescribe are neurontin, elavil, pregabalin, cymbalta, nortriptyline. these are non narcotics, still hold the potential for some dizziness but are extremely good for chronic pain. for localised pain she can consider steroid plus anethetic shots or lidocaine cream, good luck
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