How Soon After IUD Insertion Can You Have Sex?

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I just got the Mirena IUD inserted this afternoon….I asked my nurse practioner how soon could I resume sex and she said tonigt if I wanted. How long did you wait after an IUD insertion to have sex again? Also, I am having mild cramping, no other adverse symptoms….
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Thats BS I had sex that nite and every nite after that! I got mine inserted at my post partum appointment so I had some catching up to do lol. Mirena has all the benefits that the paraguard has PLUS more. Ive had my mirena now 3 years and have sexual contact atleast every other day and no pregnancy. The rate of pregnancy with an IUD is less than 1 per 100 women who use it both correctly and uncorrectly it has the same rate as sterilization! Only diffrence is its reversable asap and alot cheaper.
I wud rather tell you to wait for 1 or 2 days and by the way go through the leaflet you were given by the nurse after the insertion that will help you a lot.Take care
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