I’m on the pill do I have to..?

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I read in my local newspaper that some Dr.’s are saying it’s perfectly fine to not take your “placebo” pills at the end of the month. It said that by doing so your chances of getting pregnant are higher and if you’re on the pill to begin with then you obviously don’t want to get pregnant. How safe is this? I usually don’t start my period until my 5th placebo pill but I still have sex until I get it. Can I get pregnant? I don’t use anything else with my boyfriend on these days but I never have and I’ve been on the pill for 8yrs now.
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The placebo pills have NO estrogen hormones in them, so it would not make a difference if you took them or not. I take them, because if I stop my pill for 2 or more days then it becomes a habit NOT to take them and I keep forgetting!! They do say that you can take the 3rd week of pills and then go straight to a new pack without having a period and it is perfectly safe to do for 2 or 3 months and then have one. You should definately talk to your doctor before doing that, however! as long as you are taking your other pills correctly than you will have no problems- the 7 pills at the end of the month are just to keep you on track so that you remember when to start the ones with the medicine. Just remember when to start those ones and you should continue to have no problems
I never take the placebo pills. I’ve been on the pill for about 10 yrs. That is the only protection my boyfriend and I use. I never take the placebo’s either. My doctor says you don’t have too and that I could just start a new pack of pills and not bleed at all. Haven’t tried it yet. And, no I have not gotten pregnant by not taking the placebo’s. Only by choice. : )
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