I have really bad cramps, and back pain?

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would going on birth control pills help me at all, I am in desperate need of a solution!
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They should help control the amount of bloating which would help the back pain and it should get rid of the cramping.I use one that I only cycle 4 times a year for that specific reason.Then I use the thermacare patches on my lower back during the 3-4 hours of discomfort I have.Go and talk to your doc. You shouldn’t have such bad cramps. See if they can hook you up.
no the pills prolly wont help with the back pain, but some can help w/ crampsTalk to your Dr they’ll have an idea what to do
I’m not sure if birth control is a good idea if you don’t know what is going on you could be pregnant and cause some damage to you baby and possibly you.you should see your DR first.better safe than sorrygood luck! Pills would not help. So see you dr!
It’s hard to say that birth control is going to solve all your problems. I also had very bad cramps and back pain. I am on BC now and I think it helped a lot with my back pains and a little with the cramps. not everyone is the same though. It’s worth a try.
Many of the chicks that I know went on the pill quite early in life for the exact reason that you are stating. My wife started when she was about 14-15 and both of her sisters had to as well, (and no…they are not dirties) it was to help stabalize their systems and reduce the pains of cramps and back pains…so I ahve to disagree with someone that posted above and said that it will not help.
For Cramps, Drink Oregano tea. it tastes gross, but it helps relive cramps within 15 minuets. I’m serious I use it every time i have cramps, and it seemed to help with the period poops. Get a tea bag a pour about a third of it the way up with the seasoning oregano and soak like tea in hot water, add honey and sugar, if wanted.
Yes and no.If you go on a nonstop pill and skip your cycle all together it will help ridiculously.
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