how do i satisify my wife with oral sex?

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how do i satisify my wife with oral sex?
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Few things are more intoxicating than bringing a woman to climax in this way!Start slow and gentle, with circular motion on the clitoris or clitoral hood. Then adapt your pressure and rhythm according to the clues her body gives you. She might want you to stay there for a long time, so make sure you find a comfortable position that doesn’t cramp your neck. And if she’s fresh and clean, you’ll be more inclined to stick around for a while. Happy munching!
touching, kissing,licking. that sounds about right.
Find out by asking her if she wants you to give her oral sex. She may not want it because the tongue is not a sex organ. If she does want it, then try to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue until she has an orgasm. You need energy to do that, too.
look on the web, look for cunningilis hints. Remember your gal is very tender down there treat her like a lady, not like your manhood.
Make it fun- it will take the pressure off you! And if, heaven forbid, something embarrassing happened, you could both laugh it off.For example, just let her know you’d like to try a few new techniques. Tell her she has to rate them on a pleasure scale of 1-10. Even if it’s uncomfortable for her at first, reassure her that you just want to make her happy. She might even return the favor.
Just start, and you should know pretty quickly what’s working and what isn’t. If she tells you she doesn’t like something, don’t be offended, try another technique. ask her……best bet because she knows her body better than anyone else
While this question has answers that vary with each woman there are a few things that are common to all women.First of all, you can do it without ever touching her vagina.In most women the act of licking, nibbling, and kissing all over their body, especially the inner thigh, neck, ear and nipples, can bring them to an orgasm very quickly.As far as the vagina is concerned slowly working your way toward the center is usually most effect, be sure to focus some effort on stimulating the clitoris, the small piece of flesh under the hood just above the entrance to the vagina.more can be found in books and websites such as the Kama Sutra under “Cunnilingus”
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