Why do we girls grow hair in the lower area?

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I still don’t get why we do.
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same reason guys do…
To protect our private areas. People didn’t use to have clothes. That’s where your babies come from, so nature made it hairy to be protected. my theory is it is there to help keep warm your most vulnerable places..
One of the reason why you have hair in the lower area is, it is there to carry your scent which attracts males.
Hair in these parts (nose, ears, vagina, eyelashes) are there to protect your body from “bugs” that are floating in the air. . .
i have no clue, I wish there was no hair growing anywhere on my body except my head
It acts as a protection for bacteria and stuff like that protecting are most important organs the only one that keep our race going.
Because ingrown hairs hurt when you shave!
not just girl!!boy too.and i like to know why too lol
natural to protct your privite part
Hmmmmmm thats pretty wierd but thanx for 2 points
It provides warmth and padding, and traps dirt and germs that can get inside and cause an infection
Cause you were created that way!Stop trying to change the fact!Thats just how it is!
It actually helps to keep infections and foreign objects out. It is a biological protective barrier..
i think girls started growing hair after the term “bump warm fuzzies” was coined
why ask s/t like that?
Its supposed to be a protection barrier…I don’t remember exactly against what or whatever, but do a search on pubic hair and you’ll get some answers.
the above is definetely why.. i just hate that we do.
To keep it clean and protect it.
The pubic hair on the vulva forms a protective barrier to the more delicate tissues of the vagina and the cervix.
to protect our vagina from dirt and other things that might go in it.same as why we have eye brows, so sweat wont run into our eyes.
hair acts as a lubercant. Think about it.
I disagree with the protection theory. If that were the case, we’d be born with pubes and other hair in the underarms, legs, etc. I think the appearance of hair after puberty is meant to signify sexual maturity. Or at least it was supposed to…most of us shave it now.
Probably the same reason men have nipples
It is a form of barrier. Hope this helps
to keep out those pesky little parasites like, penises
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