For all you liberals who don’t think a fetus is a baby. why do women who miscarry grieve?

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For all you liberals who don’t think a fetus is a baby. why do women who miscarry grieve?
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Because this liberals will find any excuse to have a abortion. They will say what they will to justifie it in there sick minds.Women who abort or miscarry grieve I don’t give a crap what they say.Dont agree with abortion.
Because they want their child. Women who abort,don’t.If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.
One has nothing to do with the other!They planned a baby..and were awaiting a baby…so they grieve.perhaps the others you speak of do not exactly say a fetus is not a do not know their situation.who are you to judge all. I do not believe in abortion but i also do not believe i have the right nor do you to tell another they can not have one! btw woman who have abortions grieve.
for all you idiot men who get these women pregnant.why dont ya’ll take care of your kids so we dont have to do whats best for us in these situations?
I know what you mean. and to the one who said why do we not think women who have abortions don’t grieve. well we didn’t did we? sometimes different situations call for different measures. I have to tell you I am prolife, but I can see where there are times when abortion is the only viable course to follow. I have a friend who is paralysed, he married a wonderful lady and now with the fertility research we have they harvested sperm from him and eggs from her. did invitro fertilization and she became pregnant. they did the amniocintentisis and found that the baby would be completely helpless with a genetic problem. She aborted the pregnancy. She was devastated. But you see that is one of the things I am talking about when I say different people and situations call for different things to fix a potentially horrible situation of a new life brought into the world. Is it fair to the baby. NO. It would not of had a life, only pain and heartache for the parents.
Great question! You are a genius! How ya like that liberals! ha ha! you need to run for politics. I wanna see you liberals answer this one! great post up buddy!1
Women who miscarry grieve because they were emotionally attached to the potential children growing inside them. The status of an embryo as a fetus or not is irrelevant to your question.
It’s like going to the dealer to pick up the new Ford Mustang you saw last week and you find out it has been sold.
good point my friend, I like it
Who says the woman that has an abortion doesn’t grieve.I did.
they grieve because they are losing their baby a baby that is obviously wanted or planned not one that is an accident.i miscarried a 4mths and i was gutted it took me ages to get over it even when i fell pregnant again 6mths later with my son i was still grieving and when my son was born i cried tears of joy and i cried for the baby i had lost too.
im assuming your a dumba**, christian, who can’t think for yourself and follow the bibles word like an automaton. women grieve because they are thinking of the life they might of had with a child. having a child is an amazing thing. you are creating an entirely new person inside of you. if you miscarry, you didn’t want the baby to die, something awful happened and its not the womens fault. she wanted it to have it. if you meant abortion, than that is still traumatic, you cant keep your baby because of some situation your in. it is better than bringing up a child homeless or impoverished.if you weren’t so close minded, you’d are such a cuunt
How dare you presume that women have abortions don’t grieve! The women who miscarry grieve because they wanted their children, and hey there are women who are relieved when they miscarry. Probably because of people like you who think it’s their business to interfere with the reproductive rights of women. If you’re a man and this pisses you off then how about you get pregnant and carry your own children.
Im a democrat, and i would never for no reason have an abortion. i have had 2 miscarrages and i about grieved my self to death.nice way to start a fight on here.this is a pieceful sight dont come in here starting sh*t.
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