Can you honestly get Sick if you walk around with No Shoes?

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My dad always tells me to not walk witrh no shoesor else im going to get sick.Also I never wear shoes to school.So far this year i only have 2 times.He told me for winter I need to wearshoes or else im walking to get sickis this Really true?
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Unless you can absorb germs through your feet, unfortunately I’m going to have to debunk your dad’s old wives tale. You can’t get sick from not wearing shoes, just like you can’t catch pneumonia by going outside on a cold day with a wet head.That said, you are definitely more susceptible to catching something when your immune system is weakened. Cooling your body too quickly can cause your immune system to not be effective when an invader does come crawling in your body. You lose most of your body heat through the top of your head, and you do lose a significant amount through your hands and feet. So for the sake of the rest of your body, it is best to keep yourself warm when you go out in the cold. You’re not doing yourself any favors by allowing your body to chill like that.
Well, in a way, YES, it is true! First of all, in cold weather, with no shoes and socks to keep your feet warm, you will lose a lot of body heat. You lose body heat through the head then your feet. If you get cold enough, you are challenging your imune system to protect you. Also, there are a lot of bacteria and viruses on the ground, that you are picking up onto your bare feet, it’s part of why we wear shoes, you see. In some cultures, they make you leave your shoes outside and put on slippers, so that you do not carry in germs into their homes, because they sit on the floor where they would pick up the germs themselves. So there you are, merrily walking around with your bare feet and you have some nasty germs there that you picked up, you know from dried urine and feces that you didn’t know was there and such, and you accidentally get a cut on your foot from a piece of glass you didn’t see down there. Now you have an instant infection port. Also, did you know that anthrax occurs naturally on the ground in certain regions, like farms? Yeah, sorry, but I have to agree with Dad on this one. Put your shoes on and protect yourself sweetie.
No, but you can cut your foot or get a staph infection. You also may pick up different types of parasites if you walk outside without your shoes on.
yes, for sure.My friend got shingles in Jamaica from walking around without shoes.
No, people get sick from germs, not weather. On the other hand though, your immune system can get whacky from coldness and stuff, therefore making you more suspectible to getting sick. But the sickness itself isn’t caused by the weather, but by the germs.The best thing to do is just practice good hygiene of just washing your hands often and not touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
In the first place your dad is correct. For going to school or other places, please do wear shoes or any other similar footwear. If you are walking on the grass early in the morning when the dew is fresh, then you can walk barefoot as this helps a lot.
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