How can I be sure I have ovulated?

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I have been using FAM for the past two cycles and I have noticed definite temperature increases followed by bleeding. I also have had change in cervix position. My confusion lies in that I don’t seem to have a change in cervical mucus. I don’t have the “egg-white” days.
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go to a doctor and ask him/her
First of all, you should not bleed when ovulating! Bleeding between the cycle is a condition called metrorrhagia and should be reported to your physician.You can know you have ovulated by 1. detecting temprature changes2. Day of the sycle3. Mucus chages4. Mild lowe abdominal pain… nit to eveyone5. Increased desire to have sex
I was in a similar position using FAM as I [like a lot of women] don’t have definite ‘egg-white’ cervical mucus. In short it is a case of relying on the BBT’s and cervical position. Don’t get too definite on the idea that you don’t have cervical mucus, you have only been using FAM for two cycles and it can take a while not only to get the hang of FAM but also to recognise cervical mucus – it will be there, you just have to learn how to spot it. It might be an idea to get yourself something simple like an ovulation kit from a pharmacy or CycleBeads [] to help you pin-point your ovulation until you get used to using FAM. A similar idea would be to use sites such as FertilityFriend or MyMonthlyCycles that use very basic tracking to assist in conception. However with these idea there is always the risk you could get lazy in learning FAM so it is down to you whether you think you are going to be able to learn FAM with or without these sorts of aids. How exactly are you learning FAM – i.e. from book, trainer, web site?Are you using it for conception, contraception or gynaecological health? I assume you are going via TCOYF, in which case it might be a good idea for you to seek a teacher, most areas will have teachers although granted you will more than likely have to hunt them out for yourself and they can be hard to get a hold of depending on where you live. Most seem to offer their training for free, or ask for some sort of payment in the form of whatever you can afford to give. This would be a particularly good idea if you are planning on using FAM for contraceptive use. Of course don’t rely on FAM until you have it perfect, when you do use FAM it might be an idea to give yourself a little bit extra on your ‘fertile days’ (i.e. use protection for extra days if you are unsure), but ideally the aim would be to use it without these extra measures. – Try looking at this site for local teachers of FAM, I’d also say to check out your book(s) and websites on FAM, just in case you don’t have links here are a few NFP and FAM links;http://www.tcoyf.comhttp://www.justisse.cahttp://www.28-days.comhttp://www.sisterzeus.com suggestion is to get yourself a Livejournal [], if you haven’t got one already and visit their FAM and NFP communities, also other related communities like birthcontrol and vaginapagina – Hint: search bar top right hand side of site, choose username from dropdown menu to find communities, or search under interests for related communities.EDIT:Given some of your other responses I say for sure get a trainer, some of the ‘information’ given to you is nonsense, I hope as a FAM user you know better than to listen to it – good luck! Buy an ovulation test. I’ve seen a commercial.
Forget all the above answers. The truth is that all the ways you are using to check your ovulation are very subjective and insensitive . The method is called” The Billing’s” method and those using it to try not to conceive( i.e. as a contraceptive measure) have a failure rate of about 40% i.e. 4 out of 10 women trying NOT to get pregnant do. That shows how accurate it is! If you are bleeding every 14 days then you are not releasing eggs whatever your temperature chart tells you and you will never get pregnant unless you either return to a normal 4 week cycle or seek professional advice
buy an ovulation testing kit.
It really depends on your body. When you are going to ovulate your cevix goes low and then goes back up and then when you have your period it is low again. But I would not be putting your fingers in there to see what your cervix’s is doing! (could give you more serious problems) Plus not everyones cervix make that much of a change. You will have a slippery mucus discharge when you have ovulated. Before I got pregnant around my 14th day I always had pain on whatever side i ovulated from.The thing I did to get pregnant was STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!! LOL I know hard to do. BUt I am almost ready to deliver now! I used to go to You can track your period and ovulations here. That way it would always give me an idea. Since I was also irregular this site really helped me out. Good luck
Buy a book called “Taking charge of my fertility”. It changed my life. You can buy it on and just get a second hand copy – it’s cheap.If you don’t see cervical fluid, then try and use a basal thermometer to chart your temperature, it’s a very accurate way of knowing when you’re at your most fertile. The book will help, trust me! I tried to fall pregnant for five months, read the book, took note of what my body was doing and I fell pregnant the next month.Good luck.
no every 1 does could be different for you signs of ovulating discharge thick then thickish then very runny you should try in the middle not too thick or runny plus you boobs hurt a bit and pains on sides you can get ovulating tests but my Dr told me not to its up to you but clear blue and 1s1 response ovulating tests are best
Go to the doctor and ask them what’s up.
I had trouble conceiving and became an expert in my body!!! i used to be able to tell when the egg was being released u get a sorta pinching feeling. I didn’t get the egg white days either some women don’t. Easier said than done but just try to relax it happens when u least expect and if no joy after 6-12 months then go to docs they helped me and now i have 3 yr old twins, boy and a girl!! Good luck i will keep my fingers crossed for up.s read Ben Elton’s Inconceivable if nothing else it is very funny or the film version Maybe Baby all will be revealed!!!
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