Do you consider abort as a crime? If so why?

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Do you consider abort as a crime? If so why?
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Not a crime in my book if the woman wants to take control of HER OWN body. Is it a crime for a man to have a vasectomy? It’s the same thing.
Abortions are definitly a crime. How could you not consider killing an innocent baby a crime? You would just take away the life of someone who could of been something in life. It would be like someone taking away your life right now and not letting you do what was in store for you. It’s not only a crime but a very bad sin. I’m a very religious person. Something else, it’s true that girl’s get pregnant when they get raped or they get pregnant by a man that just left them or something like that but if they got pregnant then it was meant to be. I think that if they really don’t want the child then they could always give him/her up for adoption. That would be better than someone killing them or mistreating them, at least they would have some kind of love.
Yes, Mainly becaue i view fetuses as humans. To kill a person is a crime, so to kill an unborn baby also is. also, there is a law that states that if a woman is killed and is over 3 months pregnant, then the killer is charged with two counts of murder. This means that the law recognizes a 3 month old fetus as human. why can a woman voluntarily kill her baby and not get in trouble.but if someone else kills it, they get in trouble?
Having a vasectomy is not the same as having an abortion. Abortion involves taking an innocent life while having a vasectomy doesn’t. Are we to play God by deciding who lives and who dies? Some argue that it is not a life until it can live outside the womb. Tell THAT to the woman who is pregnant for the first time after having had years of trouble conceiving. And if it is not considered a life then what is it? If it’s not alive then it must be dead and in order to be dead you have to have lived……No, I don’t think I would consider it a crime, but I do think it is wrong. It goes against everything I believe in.
ABSOLUTELY! Abortion is killing a child.
no…because if a teen was raped at age 13 …yah she better have a abortion..cus we all know thts hard on a persons life especially a teens if ya aint got time for a baby yet…and if ya 24 and have a abortion..its ok..because u might not want a child yet.and if ya dont get the abortion you will end up either not able to work or not able to go to school/college.or you will end up giving the baby to an adoption house where they are treated with no love and no home cooked big meals..and no one to say do ya wanna go to your friends house..and it leaves the child to believe them to say..’why was i put in a adoption home..didnt my mommy want me?.am i not a good child?’…so yeah…an abortion helps ppl …one. the mother can live life till she thinks she is ready and can handle a baby…two. it saves a child from going to a orphanage..and them thinking no one loves them…if they didt have the abortion thts just two ruined lives tht could have been prevented..i think its the persons bisnuss on wether she should let the unborn baby go…its not good for ppl talking trash to her cus she had an abortion..she dosent want to heer tht she is not responsible enough…she wants to heer …good thing your taking controll of your life youve overcome an obsticel of knew u wernt ready..good girl!…and having an abortion is not killing a harmless soul..if so it dosent pain goes to the child…and trust me they aint sayin..’mommy dont kill me!’ because their brains arnt even fully developed to think or talk opinion is that ppl who dont like abortion and are aginst it are just ppl who want children very badly but cant have one and would do anything for they cant stand to look at a mother having an abortion… ps…im very intelligent for a 12 year old so those 30 year old ppl who cant stand the thought of an abortion…you need to think of the effects it can have on a persons life with and without an abortion…think about all the the things and problems going on ,on the other side of the conflict..!…look at both sides and choose which is better..a ruined life or a maybe next time ill keep the baby when i know im ready..
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