can i fall pregnant if i have had both my fallopian tubes removed?

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can i fall pregnant if i have had both my fallopian tubes removed?
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Possible .Only under the guidance of doctors and an infertility clinic.It may be a very costly affair.
fall pregnant? FALL PREGNANT? I’m sorry, but how does one FALL pregnant?
yes but it is so incredibly unlikely that i wouldnt worry about it. an egg can escape the tube and and grow on the outside of the uturus, but it is very uncommon, my sister has been scanning people for years and has only ever see 1.
yes you can. and why are they removed? Do you mean tied? Or a tubal litagation? Because then probably not. But what the heck is falling pregnant? You do know how women get pregnant, right?
it’s possible. my second cousin was born without fallopian tubes, but after trying to get pregnant for about a year she finally did.
no no
no way ..hows the egg goner meet the sperm !
No and it would be a small sacrafice. Try adopting.
YES you can . :-)fallopian tubes are just a passage for eggs to travel from ovaries to the uterus .IVF (in-vitro fertilization) or simply a test tube baby can help you . your eggs will be removed by a needle, fertilized by the sperms of your partner / husband and then re-inserted into your uterus
no sorry darling
no but i would check with a doctor be4 u go asking on yahoo not tryin to be rude but no it can not!!
no because the egg travels through the fallopian tube t the uterus where the sperm meets the egg and the egg becomes fertile forming a beautiful baby!im only 12
it is impossible to conceive naturally if both you’re fallopian tubes r removed because there is no passage for the egg to flow down nce an egg is released. However, IVF may work because it doesn’t require the tubes, but just the lining for the foetus to develop
Sorry all the answers given so far are WRONG!Whilst it is highly unlikely ,you would get pregnant where do these people think ectopic pregnancies come from? (Preganacy outside the womb).As long as you have ovaries, you have eggs which will try and ovulate. The egg can travel and theoretically get anywhere including (no matter how unlikely), into the womb.If fallopian tubes are removed the ovaries must go with them.
No.Sorry it is impossible.
YES. Pay no attention to the naysayers above. It’s entirely possible! Here’s just one case study, for a quick example: PATIENT(S): A 31-year-old woman known to have bilateral salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancies who underwent IVF. INTERVENTION(S): Laparotomy. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Postoperation intrauterine monozygotic twins survival and birth. RESULT(S): After removing the interstitial monozygotic twin pregnancy, the patient had an uneventful postoperative course and —> delivered two healthy girls by cesarean section at 38 weeks’ gestation.<— CONCLUSION(S): Heterotopic pregnancy can still occur in women treated by IVF after bilateral salpingectomy. The early sonography follow-up of IVF pregnancy would be of value because of the reported higher incidence of pathological pregnancies and especially monozygotic twinning.~Fertil Steril. 2003 Jul;80(1):218-20.Talk to an advanced reproductive endocrinologist. You absolutely have a great chance of going on to conceiving through assisted IVF protocols. Good luck and keep up the hope.
no to that question
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