Is this normal, or should i go to the docter?

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I have had my period for a few years now and never experienced this.I just last week had my period and there was no problems. However, now a few days later I began to secreet eggs, not through my vagina, but my butt.Is that normal, especially since I already had my period?
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are you retarded? how does that have anything to do with your period? go to the doctor.
if i were you i would go to the doctor but try and internal medicine or a gi (gastrointestinal) doctor. this is definitely not normal.
?You began secreet eggs through your butt?This crazy,stupid,hilarious. Hell ya! Don’t you have enough money to visit the doctor?Or your joking?
Have the eggs hatched yet?
what da hell ugggggggghhhhhhhhh Source(s):me
eggs ?? thred worm lay eggs round the anus at night definatly visit the dr
Whatever came out of your butt had nothing to do with your reproductive eggs. Honey, your eggs are microscopic and you can’t see them. I think you must have something really wrong and need to go see your doctor right away. You shouldn’t be passing ANYTHING like what you described. hell no that is not normal.go to the doctor.NOW!
Go see a doctor NOW!
Sounds like you may have some sort of intestinal parasite. You definitely need to see a doctor.
Well it could really be egg white cervical mucus which is normal and secreted through the vagina. If you only notice this egg stuff after a bowel movement then you could be wiping it toward the rear and think it is coming from your butt. If you have it all the time through your butt without even going to the bathroom then something is wrong. Go see a doctor.
i would be freaking out if i had eggs coming form my butt. You have to be lying, cuz that is messed up! Run to your doctor if true. You should probably run to the ER
well you could have some like a wirm up ya butt or some thing c a doc now
If you are being serious, it could be tapeworm proglottids. If you have been handling the feces from an animal infected with tapeworm and did not wash your hands, this is quite possible. Anything coming out of your anus is probably a worm of some sort. Source(s):biology degree
Sounds like you have a parasitic infection. You should go to a health food store and look into a colon cleanse and stop eating fast food. That is the number one way to get a parasitic invasion.
i think u should c ur doctor. may be u r just mistaken
There is no possible way to have eggs coming out of your rectum. What they could be is blood clots. At any rate, you need to see your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. You already know something’s wrong, so go get a professional to tell you what’s happening. <*)))><
If you are secreting eggs big enough to see something is definitely wrong. If you are secreting eggs of any kind from your butt, there is something seriously wrong.Do you have a boyfriend? What were you doing with him before you started secreting eggs from your butt? Umm, never mind, I don’t want to know.
I’m sorry, but I have to ask. R U kidding with this? I hope U R. If not, definitely see a docter.
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